This is a collection of stories about things that have happened in my life. So I don’t forget them, and so I can pass them on to my child and my grandchildren.

The thought of grandchildren never occurred much to me. Grandparents are old people with grown up children. My own child is seven years old, and even that seems to old a child for me to have. So I didn’t care one bit whether my old child had children or not. In my head I’m ten years younger than I actually am. But next year I’m 30, and some time after that I’ll be dead. And I won’t exist any more. And my child will remember me, and any other surviving friends and family will too. But they’ll be gone some day too and then I definitely won’t exist. Not even in memories. That seems a bit sad.

I know we all die, and we’re all relatively insignificant. Little specks of nothing much that exist for the briefest flash, before suddenly not existing again. So fleeting that unless recorded, you wouldn’t even notice that flash, or if you had, you’d forget pretty quickly.

We all can’t walk on the moon or invent x-rays, but we can leave impression with our kids. And their kids. And theirs. And so on.

So I hope I have grandkids now, so I’ll still be even a tiny bit relevant in a hundred years time, or more. I might even have another child sometime to increase the chance of that!

And if I don’t have grandchildren, well whatever. I won’t care much whether I have any relevance or not in a hundred years time cos I’ll be dead. But maybe someone is reading these stories on their hover-book in the year 2130 and they think I’m cool or a bit interesting.  That’ll have to do.



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  1. I’m not on twitter any more I was Muddledfud but I left. I heard about Paul and for some bizarre reason I wrote this rap, I hope you like it.

    Your thoughts benign, can become a crime
    when posted online

    Cos i was lonely one day, surfing thru the crowd
    i put down a root, i said my name out loud
    connections were made, i would register the faces
    pipes were being laid, through my good graces

    Riding on the foam of thoughts and delight
    i became comfortable out in public sight
    safety in numbers, members in abundance
    you get me though yeah? you get me, yeah?

    Dont feed the cloud, You cannot be a cloud
    sharing together, ming-a-ling together
    marketed, rated, mosaicked, dated
    sharing together! Our liberty together?

    Your thoughts benign, can become a crime
    when posted online

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